Calderon, Patricio


Mr. Calderon


Welcome to Fourth Grade!


I am Mr. Calderon and I will be your child’s fourth grade teacher this school year.  I am looking forward to an academically challenging school year with your child who will be provided with many learning opportunities to extend their learning.  I anticipate you and your child’s involvement and commitment to learning this year, as well as your support in their education and development.

Behavior Policy

I believe all children can behave appropriately in the classroom.  In order to guarantee a positive learning environment conducive to learning for your child, as well as other children in my class, I will be utilizing the following discipline plan:

*Student behavior will be assessed by whether it is…

  1. keeping the teacher from teaching?
  2. keeping themselves or other children from learning?
  3. showing respect and good manners to everyone at school?



1st…   verbal reminders about appropriate behavior

2nd … a visual reminder (card placed by teacher on student’s desk with word focus)

3rd … time out in another class and parent note

4th…  time out in another class and a parent phone call to schedule a conference


Homework Policy

In accordance with district guidelines, your child will have 3-5 hours of homework each weekMath sheets are due the next day, this way any questions with the math can be explained promptly.  If your child is unable to finish their homework due to family emergencies, please provide them with a note and they will be given an extra day to complete it.  Excessive amount of time doing homework, or continued lateness indicates a problem and we should then meet with your child to remedy the situation.


I’m looking forward to a wonderful school year.  The best way to contact me is before school from 7:40 am to 8:00am.  Feel free to email any concern or question you may have at and I will reply within 24 hours.


Thank you for your support.


Mr. Calderon