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Bear Valley Elementary School

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MVUSD Parents Complete the School Lunch Meal Program/Funding Form

MVUSD Parents Please Complete the School Lunch Meal Program/Funding Form by October


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We need your help to ensure adequate funding is available to support educational programs that directly benefit your child.  Please complete the School Funding Form here:  LCFF Funding Form Sign in using your Q Parent Portal Sign-in information. CLICK HERE for flyers.

¡Por favor complete el formulario de Financiamiento Escolar para ayudar a MVUSD a aumentar el financiamiento para recursos estudiantiles y apoyo, como los programas después de escuela, servicios de tutoría, comidas
gratuitas o reducidas, acceso a internet, exenciones de solicitud de ingreso a la universidad y más!


Video: How to complete the School Funding Form

Video: Cómo completar el formulario de financiación escolar


Title I funding helps support ALL students in becoming successful 


Under the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), a portion of state funding will be determined based on the demographics of the student population.  On a per student basis,  for districts like Moreno Valley, there is increased funding for large concentrations of low-income, English Language Learner and foster student populations.  

Our goal is to ensure that Moreno Valley students receive the maximum amount of funds that we are eligible to receive by completing the School Funding form by October of this year.  To receive the maximum amount, we must have 100% of eligible students/families complete this crucial step.hands holding letters T I T L E