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Bear Valley Elementary School

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Paper Tutoring Grades 4th-5th » Paper Tutoring for 4th-5th Graders

Paper Tutoring for 4th-5th Graders

Paper provides tutoring support for students and resources for teachers. By providing access to high quality tutors 24/7 via a messenger chat and a quick turnaround time for feedback on their writing, it is a resource students can utilize for clarification and studying for exams. They can log in on any device, at any time, and stay for however long they need, whether it be 5 minutes or 5 hours.


Students can access Paper through Clever
Paper Tutoring Resources - student instructional documents and videos
How to log in to Paper - student instructional video

Paper videos - for students and parents, including Spanish versions


Here is the complete list of videos Paper has to offer including the Spanish versions.

  1. How Do Students Access 24/7 Live Help on PAPER?
  2. How Do Students Use PAPER’s Essay Review?
  3. What is PAPER?
  4. How Do Teachers Use PAPER?
  5. PAPER for Parents & Guardians
  6. Who are PAPER’s Tutors?
  7. ¿Que Hacemos en PAPER? (video para padres o representantes)
  8. PAPER Revisión de Ensayos
  9. PAPER Ayuda en Vivo


Also here is a great video for parents on exactly how to use Paper, also some information on who the tutors are, and much more: PAPER for Parents

Parent videos: Here are the links to our parent video available in English and Spanish as well as a recorded webinar for parents:

MVUSD Paper English MVUSD Paper Spanish